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Proper wood floor installation service can be an investment that will last you a lifetime. There are many ways in which hardwood flooring can be carried out, but with any method, moisture testing is always important to ensure proper wood floor installation. Although any kind of quality floor service requires a meticulous approach, we at Mastercraft Wood Flooring in Knoxville, TN offer you a quick and reliable service that will leave your home cleaner than we found it.

We have taken on every kind of hardwood floor installation project out there, and we are beyond proficient when it comes to high-quality wood floor work.

Glue down hardwood floor installation is generally for use on concrete sub-floors, where our team pays extra attention to moisture. When it comes to this engineering technique, we consider any potential sensitivities and allergies to the smell, which is why we use the milder choice of acrylic-based glue. The wonderful thing about glue down installations is that you can walk on your floor the next day and even move furniture around on it.

Another flooring contractor technique we can utilize is floating installation. With floating installation, we glue the tongue and groove of every plank and the wood floor essentially floats over cushioned padding. We can also lock the planks together without glue provided the floor has a locking system. Floating installation is ideal for laminate and pre-finished wood flooring.

As part of our hardwood floor installation services at Mastercraft Wood Flooring, we utilize a dust containment system that consists of plastic that cocoons the room to catch dust. Additionally, we provide maid service as part of our dust control, which you will not find with any of our competitors.

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