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No matter how careful you are, wood floors take a lot of abuse. We see evidence of that abuse every day, so how does one keep his or her floors looking great? Mastercraft Wood Flooring provides simple, affordable, yet profound solutions to keep your floor looking immaculate for years to come.

Our hardwood floor re-coating service at Mastercraft Wood Flooring, of Knoxville, TN, only takes a few hours. Our premier re-coating system quickly, safely, and efficiently removes dirt and grime that accumulates over several years of everyday wear and tear. We use superior products like Bona Swedish wood floor polyurethane cleaner to provide a fine finish. Our product is environmentally sensitive and does not leave behind any dulling residue.

We first begin our hardwood floor re-coating process by spreading remover over your wood floor. Then we scrub your floor with an abrasive drive plate. We repeat the scrubbing process one more time, whereupon we top it off with a power scrubber to clean and rinse any leftover remover from the floor, ensuring it is ready for a new finishing coat. Once the new coat is applied, your floors will look brand new.

At Mastercraft Wood Flooring, we recommend that floors be re-coated roughly every one to three years depending on the volume of traffic it endures, as it is a cost-effective way to ensure your hardwood floors look immaculate without the aggravation and price of completely refinishing. We also offer services to staircases and carpet transformations into custom hardwood.

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